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Professional Painting Contractors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you charge for a painting project? A. We pass on our contractor discounts to our clients. This means that you pay what we pay for painting products. We only earn money based on our labor and time spent on your project.

Q. What type/ brand of paints do you use? A. We typically use Pittsburgh Paints or Sherwin Williams paint products. We choose the best product to meet your project's needs based on cost, quality, durability and overall finish. There really isn't one brand that's suitable for every type of application.

Q. Is there a big mess involved during the painting of my house? A. No. We take great care to protect your carpets, floors, and belongings with plastic and drop cloths. We also clean our worksite at the end of each workday. The Artisan Company will respect your home and belongings.

Q. Why should I choose The Artisan Company over other contractors? A. Product knowledgeability, painting experience, and client/ project commitment are necessary attributes for any professional painting contractor. The Artisan Company possesses not only those qualities, but the willingness to care for your home as if it were our own.

Q. Who does the actual work? A. The owners of The Artisan Company handle all aspects of work involved in your project.

Q. I have an issue with paint fumes. Is there a way we can get rid of the smell? A. Yes, there are several paint lines available with low/no odors. These paints smell very little without sacrificing quality.

Q. Can you remove lead-based paint? A. Yes, we can test and remove lead-based paint.

Q. Does your company install wallpaper? A. No, we do not install wallpaper, but we will definitely remove it for you.

Q. I'm having trouble choosing a color. Is this something that you can help me with? A. Yes, as artists, we are experts in dealing with color. We understand how color can interact and influence an environment. With every paid contract, we will help you with this very important aspect of your project.